Brand Ignition

A brand messaging playbook to help you get clear on your company’s unique value proposition, messaging hierarchy, and positioning.

SaaS lead generation funnels copywriter

Every brand needs a voice

A brand messaging framework for B2B, SaaS, and Ecommerce brands that realize the importance of having a strong, authentic voice to attract more of their ideal customers - plus an internal roadmap to save time and ensure brand control and consistency.

What’s included:

A solid foundation for your brand’s positioning, personality, and messaging that you can adapt over time as your business evolves. 

We’ll work together over 30 days, where I’ll create and help execute your new brand messaging strategy.

You’ll walk away with a clear assessment of how to frame and approach all of your brand messaging and copy. This is delivered in a branded slide deck (or a Google doc if that’s your thing) that you can edit as needed.


  • 1 hour of discovery and consulting

Discovery and analysis

  • Surveying and interviewing your customers
  • Competitor and market analysis
  • Online data mining
  • Review of existing internal data (e.g. support logs, chat logs, NPS surveys)

External brand messages

  • Conversion-optimized sales messages
  • Tagline
  • Unique value proposition
  • Core offers
  • Ideal customer(s)
  • Features and benefits
  • Brand promise
  • Brand story
  • Customer testimonials

Internal brand messages

  • Positioning statement
  • Your brand’s unique mechanism
  • Company mission, vision, and values
  • Voice, tone, and style guidelines
  • “Sticky” messages and copy snippets you can use across your marketing

The sole goal of Brand Ignition is to get your copy and marketing messaging laser-focused so it becomes irresistible to your ideal audience. 

It’s also designed to save your company time when you’re onboarding employees and contractors, or when you have multiple team members contributing to copy for your content and campaigns.


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