Hi, I’m Rachael

I help passionate SaaS and B2B companies find their authentic voices and differentiate themselves in the market.

I’m on a mission to help brands get in touch with their customers and create more human-sounding, emotional, and persuasive copy for their websites, landing pages, and emails.

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You were just amazing, Rachael :) To be honest, this is one of the best sessions I have attended. I personally learned a lot from this

Vaijayanthi Narasimhan
Product Marketing Manager - Zoho

Zoho PageSense Webinar

Zoho PageSense Webinar
Leading the CRO Masterminds series for Zoho, I explored how customer research can improve all the moving parts of your business. We looked at how to collect this data, how to decide which messages will drive conversions, and a few examples of how leading brands are applying customer research to their pages.

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Yours in Marketing Podcast

Yours in Marketing Podcast
A fun discussion with Blake Emal on the Directive Consulting podcast, where we talked about copywriting, branding, how to avoid “boring” copy, and my SNACKS framework for conversion copywriting that helps get results for SaaS and B2B companies.

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The Copywriter Club Podcast

The Copywriter Club Podcast
Slightly nerve-wracking to be interviewed by my copywriting mentors - but here it is! We talk about how I fell into copywriting, how I grew my business while I was travelling between 20 countries, and how I approach the art and science of conversion copywriting from a framework perspective.

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A little more about me

I’ve written for a ton of fun and interesting brands as diverse as FedEx, Biteable, Datacom, Culture Amp, and Avocados from Mexico.

  • I dusted off my English degree, just for you!
    Knowing all the grammar rules means I can BREAK them. Effective copywriting involves pushing the boundaries of what’s “proper” in favour of “what works”.
  • I’m a qualified paralegal with a background in corporate law
    Have you ever had to account for your workdays in 6-minute blocks? I have. After being in legal, project management is a cinch.
  • I’ve worked with a diverse range of companies from digital agencies, to enterprise tech giants, to small startups
    I’ve done a lot of research, for a lot of years, for a lot of stuff. And I’m lots of fun at parties. Remind me to tell you how to optimize the bacteria in your silage stacks to keep your cows healthy.
  • I’m addicted to Mexican food
    It’s not particularly relevant to copywriting. I just thought you should know.

Need more?

I started my first ecommerce store in 2005, which grew into two retail stores. It was here that I got my first taste of being an entrepreneur. I learned the importance of copywriting, sales, customer voice, customer satisfaction, branding, and the importance of differentiating yourself as a business.

In 2015, I got tired of designing and selling clothing, so I sold the business. Feeling a little burnt out, I also sold 99% of my worldly possessions and then set out on a nomadic journey across 20 countries. It was here that I set my sights on mastering copywriting and building a flexible business that could travel with me.

And so Mighty Fine Copy was born.

Saas Copywriter

Since then…

I’ve trained with some of the planet’s best copywriting minds, sloshed around in their brain juices, and applied what I’ve learned to help SaaS companies make more money and establish stronger positioning in their market.

If you want to learn more, or just say hello, you can read about my process and services or email me at hello@mightyfinecopy.com

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