Case studies

Your customers have stories worth sharing – and they can play a huge part in your sales process.

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Boost your credibility & increase sales

Case studies aren’t just a “nice to have” for your business. They’re an essential sales tool to show potential customers how your existing happy customers have found solutions to some of their biggest and most complex problems with the help of your product.

With well-researched and professionally written case studies on your website, you’ll have more new customers screaming TAKE MY MONEY.

What’s included:

  • Identifying your ideal case study customers
  • Email outreach templates to potential case study customers
  • Liaising with you and your happy customers once you have buy-in
  • Scheduling interviews
  • 30-minute customer interview via Zoom
  • Recording and transcribing interview
  • Writing and editing
  • Getting final approval from your customers to publish, and making any additional edits if needed
  • Guidance on how to get more mileage out of every case study

Need more than one case study?

Get a 10% discount when you book a bundle of 4 or more case studies.


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