Lightspeed Leads

A fast, hyper-targeted lead generation funnel designed to attract and engage your perfect leads

Lead generation funnel copywriter
Looking for a smart, powerful lead generation funnel that you can launch at warp speed to help you reach more qualified customers?

The Lightspeed Leads framework can help you do just that.

Lightspeed Lead Generation

If you need a hyper-targeted funnel that runs over a matter of days (not weeks) to help you attract the perfect customers for your business, this is for you.

Based on a proven funnel framework, Lightspeed Leads helps to connect your offer and your product with your ideal audience. With the right targeting and positioning, qualified traffic will start flowing in so you can take the next steps and nurture your perfect leads into becoming customers.

Finding the right message is powerful. Without it, you can’t attract the customers you need to grow your revenue.

There’s plenty of “quick win” lead generation funnels out there...but will they work for you?

There’s no shortage of funnel advice online. Some businesses can spend thousands of dollars and have little to show for their investment except mediocre leads and a large hole where their marketing budget used to be.

Your acquisition needs to be done right. It’s the first and most crucial part of your sales funnel. No matter how awesome the rest of your funnel is, if you’ve been pulling the wrong people in with your lead gen, you’re wasting time and resources.

(Useless trivia: the Australian funnel-web spider has a bite so lethal it can kill a human in 15 minutes

Funnel DNA

Lead generation funnel copywriter
Research is the DNA of any successful lead gen strategy. If you skip this part, you’ll be running on guesswork and pulling the wrong traffic through the most important part of your sales funnel.

Our streamlined analysis and funnel mapping process helps untangle all the moving parts of your product and your offer so we can:
  • Identify your ideal customer profile
  • Create an offer that they can’t resist
  • Nurture them into becoming your customers
The Lightspeed Leads framework lets you confidently launch a funnel that generates the exact leads you need to grow your business - fast.

What’s included:

  • 30-minute discovery call
  • Customer analysis and data collection
  • Strategy and funnel mapping
  • Traffic accelerators (social copy for LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, plus 1 x Google ad)
  • Lead capture page (copy and wireframe design)
  • Email nurture sequence
  • Follow-up Q&A call if needed

Your complete Lightspeed Leads funnel will be delivered within 3 business days