Email Strategy & Copywriting

Are your open and click through rates too embarrassing to talk about? 

Does your email sequence sound like it was written by a used car salesman wearing short shorts….with socks and sandals?

Do you email sequence?

I’m a specialist email strategist and copywriter that gets your emails to perform like the little conversion champions that they are.

Whether you need to increase your trial to paid subscribers, reduce churn, or create a sequence with a specific goal in mind, I can design a strategy that works.

The email package includes

  • Discovery call
  • Audit of your existing email sequence and analytics
  • Customer interviews, surveys, competitor analysis, data mining
  • Strategy & planning
  • Conversion-focused email sequence (e.g. onboarding, trial to paid, or retention)
  • A/B testing options to find the best open and click through rates
  • Optimization of your sequence to ensure maximum conversions 
SaaS Copywriter

How it works

  • I start with analyzing your current emails and analytics 
  • I’ll dive into your user data, carry out interviews, and run surveys to find out exactly who your customers are, what drives them, what their blockers to conversion are, and what will help nudge them towards making the click in each email
  • I’ll build out a tailored strategy, then create your high-performance sequence

Launch your new emails and watch the transformation in your conversion rates.

Your investment: