Better leads. More sales. Less time.

Quick turnaround conversion-focused copy that frees up your team's time and helps you reach your growth goals faster

SaaS lead generation funnels copywriter

Lightspeed Landing Pages

Landing page & ad copy that's irresistible to your ideal prospects
My process blends proven conversion strategies with on-brand messaging – to create landing pages and PPC campaigns that are laser-focused on motivating your ideal audience to act on your offers.


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SaaS lead generation funnels copywriter

Essential Emails

Onboarding, nurture, and sales sequences

Need to convert more trial to paid customers, promote events and campaigns, boost sales, and increase retention?

Oh hai, it's your best friend – emails!


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SaaS lead generation funnels copywriter

Case studies

Close more deals by sharing your best customer success stories.
My case study packages are a complete done-for-you service.

This includes interviews, transcription, copywriting – and taking care of all the back and forward emails to get the green light from your customers for publishing.

Sound simple? It is!


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SaaS lead generation funnels copywriter

Kickass Content

SEO-optimized articles that are actually useful for your readers

Get some more love from the Google overlords in organic search, and build out a valuable content library for the top of your funnel. 

All I need is a quick brief from you, and a ready-to-launch 1000-1500 word article will show up in your inbox.


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SaaS lead generation funnels copywriter

Book My Brain

A VIP day of conversion-focused strategy and copywriting.

Give your existing emails, home page, or landing page a thorough makeover in just one day. 

If you’ve got a bunch of copywriting loose ends that you keep meaning to look at when you’re not busy (insert canned laughter here), let’s cross those off your to-do list.


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Does "fast turnaround" copywriting = crap?

Nope! I’ve had 6 years of experience working with SaaS heavyweights like Owler, Biteable, Semrush, Stripe, Shogun, Worksuite, Bynder, and Culture Amp to help them create landing pages, case studies, emails, blogs, and website copy.

Over that time, I’ve developed strategies and frameworks that help me create clear, conversion-focused copy faster - which helps you reach your goals faster. 

I put a ton of time, effort, and expertise into every project - and I care about the outcomes for all my clients. Which, I guess, is why they keep coming back!

How does it work?

You know those annoying people that only study the night before an exam and get straight A's? Oh hai - that’s me! 

I’ve always worked best under pressure – and deadlines are my love language. I’ve never missed one yet.

With full-blown conversion copywriting projects, you’ll often need to wait 8+ weeks to get on my calendar – then even more weeks to get your copy delivered *yawn*. But with these shorter, focused projects, you can get on my calendar and have fresh copy ready to publish sooner.

Full payment is made up front so we both have skin in the game (not literally of course, because that would be weird) – then we’ll sign a contract that sets out exactly what will be delivered, and when. 

I’ll set up a time that suits you to talk through your project – then I’ll start researching your brand, your competition, and your audience – gathering all the info I need to make your project a success. 

Your copy will arrive magically in your inbox in 7-14 days. That’s it. It’s that simple.

Do you do all the work yourself?

Yep! I only work on one project at a time. So when you work with me, you get my full brainpower.

Is this right for my business?

This won’t be a great fit for you if you’re a new startup and don’t have a clear product market fit (or any customers). 

But if you have an established product, a solid customer base, a crystal-clear direction and goal for your project, know exactly who your target audience is, and have some customer research on hand – we might just be a perfect match.

Do you give refunds if I’m not happy with the work?

Copywriting is a creative process, so there aren’t any refunds once the copy is delivered. I include two rounds of revisions with each project - but 99.9999998% of my clients only need one revision, if any.