I help you talk about your products in a way that's easy for people to understand

Get conversion-focused copywriting, content, monthly copy subscriptions, and fast-turnaround website packages that maximize your sales and sign-ups.

SaaS lead generation funnels copywriter

Blogs & Content

Creating relevant, authority-building content that outranks your competitors and drives sales is time-consuming. There's no way around it.

And no, ChatGPT isn't the droid you've been looking for.

I've been writing (and ghostwriting) blogs, guides, and ebooks for the last 8 years — helping SaaS, tech, and ecommerce companies of all industries and sizes to develop long-form content that includes original research, SEO optimization, and unique input from subject matter experts.

I quote per project - with a juicy discount for blog retainers

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SaaS lead generation funnels copywriter

Website In A Week and  
VIP Days

• Need fresh website copy, like, yesterday?
• Don't have the budget for a full website project?
• Wish your home page messaging connected clearly with customers, in language that they can understand?

Then you'll love these two budget-friendly-yet-incredibly-excellent ways you can get expert copywriting help from me.

My conversion-focused copywriting process has been fine-tuned over 8 years of working with scrappy SaaS startups, enterprise unicorns, and everyone in between.

We'll work together to fine tune your marketing messaging fast —so you can attract better customers, and increase signups and sales.

VIP Day $1997
Website In A Week $2997

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SaaS lead generation funnels copywriter

Case studies

My case study packages are a hands-off, done-for-you service.

That includes outreach, scheduling calls, interviewing, copywriting, and getting the green light from your customers for publishing.

I can even help you produce on-brand, ready to launch case studies with professional design included if you need it.

I quote per project — with a project minimum of $1,200 USD for new clients

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SaaS lead generation funnels copywriter

Website Copywriting

Has your website copy been written by you, tweaked a bit by Jeff from marketing, revised by Gemma in sales, and then given a final edit by your neighbor Bob who once got second prize at a school spelling contest back in '76?

If your website messaging looks more like a string of leftover party sausages than the sharp, lead-generating, customer-convincing machine it should be — I'm here to help you fix it.
My process starts with talking to your actual customers (so you don't have to), discovery calls with your internal SMEs, online review mining, and competitor analysis.

I take all of this research and apply it to proven conversion-focused copy frameworks, to ensure your website and landing pages are working hard 24/7 to drive more ideal customers to your door.

I quote per project — with a project minimum of $11,000 USD

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SaaS lead generation funnels copywriter

Monthly Copywriting Subscriptions

When is a retainer not a retainer? When it's a month to month subscription that you can turn on and off when you need it.

A subscription can help your busy team with all their ad hoc copy needs during hectic months, ensuring you don't have any annoying bottlenecks that are stopping your marketing assets being launched into the wild.

This includes things like:

• Emails
• Landing pages
• Webinar promo copy
• Live event campaign copy
• SDR cadences
• Social posts
• Ad copy
• Blogs
• Copy editing
• Random bits and pieces

How it works:

• Unlimited project requests
• 2 rounds of revisions on every project
• One project at a time, with a turnaround time of 2-5 days depending on the project scope
• Dedicated project management board
• Monthly catch-up calls

$5,000 USD per month, with a 15% discount for a 3-month subscription

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